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Is your septic tank getting a healthy work-out?

Are you spending a lot more time at the cottage or in the country with family and visitors?  If so,  then you’re  giving your septic system an extra work-out with more showers, dishes and clothes to be cleaned.

If a septic system is not properly managed,  phosphates and foaming agents found in household and personal cleansers can settle in pipes, accumulate over time, cause clogging and even destroy the “good bacteria” in a septic tank.

Your septic system needs extensive care and maintenance to ensure it is always working as a high-functioning waste-processor. Toxic substances like liquid bleach, chlorine, disinfectant cleaners or drain cleaners can destroy the good enzymes and bacteria living in your septic tank.  You need good bacteria in your septic tank to decompose solid waste rapidly and allow liquids to separate and drain away as clear wastewater.

The best cleaning solutions are 100% natural, biodegradable, phosphate-free (low sudsing), nontoxic and non-chlorine based. These cleaners do not have the harsh chemicals that affect a septic tank and which are known to kill good bacteria and enzymes.

The outflow of a high-functioning septic tank should always be clean water that is rich in nutrients. If soaps that contain phosphates enter your septic system, however, they can eventually filter through to your septic drain field.  The result is the contamination of the soil and surrounding water that can kill plants and animals and even cause algae blooms in the area.

Stay septic safe at the cottage and at your country place by using natural cleaners,  labeled as safe for septic systems.   A non-functioning septic tank is a shocking expense and one that  harms not only your bank account but the environment too!

Pollocks Home Hardware carries the refillable eco+amour line of biodegradable and septic safe cleaning products for all of your household and personal needs.


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