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Sharpen your Knives for the Holidays

Whether your slicing, mincing or chopping, the most important tool in your kitchen is a sharp knife. A straight and sharp knife edge is the key to making clean cluts with raw meats, fish and vegetables.

Keeping knives sharp is crucial so there is no slippage when cutting through your food and a sharp knife lets you work faster and safer. Dull knives can be dangerous because they require more pressure to cut and there is a higher likelhood of missing the mark and slipping. Plus, food that is evenly cut will cook at a more even rate.

If your knife is quite dull then you will need the edge reshaped. Sharpening a very dull knife requires more than a steel sharpening rod. While you can try a whetstone, they can be tricky and are typically used by professionals. The most convenient option is to use an electric sharpener and the knife sharpening services at Pollocks Home Hardware.

With Easter celebrations close at hand, it's the perfect time to get your knives sharpened and enjoy Spring on Roncesvalles. 


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