Blade and mower sharpening are services offered by Pollocks Home Hardware. At this time, however,  we have postponed the sharpening of push mower blades until further notice.

Pollocks Home Hardware of Toronto sharpens every type of flat blade and mower blade that you use for your garden or work shop.

Our blade and mower sharpening service will take the dull out of your mower blades (gas, electric and push), spades, axes, shears, pruners or chisels. The turn around time for blade sharpening is the same day.

At this time, we have postponed the sharpening of push/ reel mowers until further notice.

For gas or electric mowers, remove and bring the blades into our store and we'll have you back mowing with sharp blades within 7 to 10 days. It is best if you  call, as timing is highly seasonal and based on demand.

The team at Pollocks Home Hardware has the skill and experience to sharpen any flat, steel blade whether it's for your kitchen, garden or work bench.

This is a great, family owned neighborhood hardware store. It is well stocked with a rich variety of services. The best surprise is that the prices are competitive. You can also get a good deal of honest advice. This is one of the key stores on Roncesvalles. Long live Pollocks!
Mark David Webster
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