Pollocks Home Hardware on Roncesvalles Avenue in Toronto offers Key Cutting and duplicate Key Fob Remote services.

Pollocks Home Hardware on Roncesvalles Avenue in Toronto offers Key Cutting and duplicate Key Fob Remote services.  

When you need key copies and duplicate key fob remotes to work,  our blanks and fobs ensure that the right key and key fob is made for your door or car.

We've been cutting keys for over 50 years and are here to help you with the next set of keys that you need to have cut or to make arrangements for a locksmith visit.  

Key Fob Remotes

Our most recent service is duplicating key fob remotes for most make and model cars.  Here's how it works.

Pollocks Home Hardware makes duplicates of any Key Fob Remote at up to 60% OFF the automotive dealer price.    

We specialize in duplicating genuine key fob remotes for virtually all automotive makes and models that are on the market.  The duplicate key fobs are genuine and identical to those at any automotive dealership.   The huge difference is the price.

Here's how it works:

When you purchase a car you get 2 key fobs,  one which is typically kept as your master or original fob.  

If you lose a fob or need a duplicate fob for your wife, husband, children or that special friend simply bring your master fob to Len so he can program a new duplicate fob remote at up to 60% less than what your auto dealership will charge you.  And our key fobs are exactly the same as your original fob.

Once your duplicate key fob remote is ready, you bring your car into Pollocks Home Hardware and they'll program your fob to the exact make and model of your car.

It takes between 3 to 5 days to program a new fob, depending on whether your fob is in stock or needs to be ordered.  

Keyless automotive remotes from Pollocks Home Hardware let you:

- Save Money

- Save Time

- Stay secure in knowing you're receiving a quality service and product

Pollocks Home Hardware also replaces key fob shells and key fob batteries.

This is the best hardware store! I feel like I'm in another time - back when customer service really meant something. Lou, Corey, and everyone at Pollock's makes sure you get exactly what you need - and they are always able to give you the most professional advice. The atmosphere is friendly and the stock is wonderful. I practically have to be dragged out this store! I love just going in to browse - but I always end up buying something. Thank you Pollocks!!!
Denise McCormick
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