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A picture of file folders and paper shredded with the recycling symbol

We recycle and shred paper files.

It’s Spring and the perfect time to recycle and shred old paper files.

NOW, your outdated home or office files can be shredded and recycled with confidentiality and security by the team at Pollocks.

Here’s How

Bring your outdated paper files into Pollocks and we’ll weigh your paper in front of you.   Next, your paper is transferred into a locked, recycle bin that is secure and located on-site at Pollocks. 

Once the bin is full,  the contents are shredded at our location. Post shredding, we offer an optional proof of shredding certificate that can be sent to your email address.

The cost for our shredding service is 80¢ a lb.

See you in Roncesvalles … Len

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